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Shop the shelves at Whole Foods for some of my beauty favorites!

February 11th, 2015 — 7:00pm


Thank you to the lovely ladies at cupcakesandcashmere.com for asking me to share some of my favorite, less expensive, non-toxic beauty picks. Luckily Whole Body (the section of Whole Foods that doesn’t sell food!) stocks a ton of my go-to’s.  Below you’ll find a portion of the piece cupcakesandcashmere.com posted, and the link to read the full story.

When I first became pregnant, I started to make a conscious effort to incorporate more clean products into my life (aside from my candy addiction, which was the only way I could have survived those nine months.) I researched everything, from our household supplies to my beauty products, to see where I could make improvements. But since the world of ‘green’ makeup is still pretty foreign to me, I decided to reach out to an expert. Katey Denno is a makeup artist who’s passionate about clean products and is also the person behind Gwyneth Paltrow’s natural glow and Mindy Kaling’s perfect smoky eye. If you’re intimidated by your local health store’s beauty aisle, read on for Katey’s favorite picks:



“Deliciously scented and non-stinging, this spray bottle doubles as perfume for me and my clients all the time.”
“The newest facial wipes from Burt’s are all natural, deliciously scented, and highly effective at removing makeup without drying skin or leaving a filmy residue.
“Easy to blend into foundation, face oil, and even leg moisturizer, this concentrate is a great bronzy shade that can transform so many skin tones into sun-kissed glow.
“I love this shade! it’s such a rich peachy pink that can be buffed into the skin to look like a glow from within.”
“100% natural, gorgeous rich pigment that’s super easy to apply (and long lasting!). I use them all the time on my clients and on myself.”


Click here to read the rest of the story!


Thanks again, ladies!


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