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This brand needs our support PRONTO!

July 20, 2016


Today I got an email from Lynn Till, one of the founders of a favorite green beauty brand, R.L. Linden + Co. In it she said that despite all of their hard work (and amazing products [she didn’t say that part]), in order to stay afloat, and bring their brand to the next level, they were in need of financial help from those who use and love their product.

I’d like to do all I can to make sure that this is a brand that makes it. I want to see them stand the test of time, and watch how they continue to influence and inspire the landscape of true artisinal skincare.  If you have a few extra dollars, please visit the link below and find out how you can help, and what, in return, they’re offering. I want each of you to smell the deliciousness and experience the true art and science that is R.L. Linden + Co!


The founders, foraging for fresh ingredients in their local hills.

A note from Lynn:

Have you watched “A Chef’s Table” on Netflix? If you haven’t, it’s gorgeous and you should watch it ASAP. Watching it made me realize that that’s what Robin King (Lynn’s business partner) and I do! I loved watching the chefs that go foraging and how they are inspired by the plants and the seasons and I was like…holy crap, that’s what I do, that’s what I do!!!! Thats what RL Linden & Co is!!!
I think most people get the difference between hand sewn raw denim jeans and a pair that you pick up at H&M. Although I love larabars and am so grateful that I can find them at target (and pretty much everywhere), they are vegan, natural, GF, affordable etc etc etc,  THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN ON-THE-GO BAR, AND A GOURMET MEAL. It doesn’t make them bad and it doesn’t mean there aren’t totally amazing green beauty products formulated in labs and created and bottled by machines; we truly believe that a rising tide floats all boats – but there is a difference. Robin and I are making the gourmet meal equivalent of beauty products and are thankful for our supporters/fans/customers/retailers that understand how special that is and how much hard work goes into it.
We are in the last day our our crowdfunding campaign: