You’re looking at a picture I took on set the other day of the gorgeous Brazilian model, Kamila Hansen, wearing very little on her face other than an intense purple lip. I realize that it’s only on the days when I truly enjoy the personality of the model with whom I’m working that I think: I’d like to feature her on my blog. No matter how gorgeous she is, or how wonderful the makeup I’ve done that day, unless the model radiates beauty from within, I never want to grab my camera and snap pictures of her between shots.

Kamila, fortunately, is beautiful on both the inside and the out (not to mention extremely tall! I needed a ladder to touch up her lips during the day) and reminded me a bit of another beautiful Brazilian model I adore, upon whom I demonstrated a smokey eye in a video, early on in the life of my blog, here.

I rarely have the opportunity to push for a bright purple lip, but on this brunette with sparkly green eyes, I knew it would be a hit… and it was.

This is what I used to get the whole look: