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Barneys New York ‘The Window’ asked me…

October 12th, 2013 — 6:07am


(Originally published: http://thewindow.barneys.com/meet-katey-denno-of-the-beauty-of-it-is/)


Did you get the memo? It’s Beauty Month here on The Window—and store-wide, for that matter. With the impending opening of newly renovated floors in both New York and LA, we can’t help but celebrate to the fullest, starting with celebrity-makeup-artist-cum-beauty-blogger, Katey Denno.

Katey graciously shares her expert tips on her site, The Beauty of It Is… She shows us how to navigate the wide world of cosmetics (she focuses on what’s clean and green), body and skincare (even DIY remedies) as well as diet and health (Neti pot advice? Sign us up!).

Below, Ms. Denno tells us of her essentials as well as how she defines beauty. (Well put!)

What inspired you to start the blog?
For years, models, celebrity clients, friends and co-workers had been asking me to slow down while we chatted so that they could take notes on the things I would spout off about makeup and skincare. I never could slow down, so as a result, I always got tons of emails and texts from those same people asking me to spell the name of a product I’d told them they should get, or to remind them of which dermatologist or body work practitioner they should see. Since I’ve tried just about everything, everyone comes to me with their questions. I’m also really passionate about the ever-growing green beauty industry.

What are your five essential beauty products for fall?

  1. An intense head-to-toe body scrub is a must to say goodbye to dead skin cells and to expose soft, glowing skin. I love the kind they do at the Korean spa where they scrub you with loofah mitts until you don’t think you can take it another minute. Or, do one yourself at home with Ren’s Guerande salt exfoliating body balm.
  2. A really hydrating at-home manicure kit like the one from Cowshed is fantastic. These cuticle oils and creams get my hands and nails back in smooth, healthy condition. I also love the Rodin hand cream; it’s incredibly rich and hydrating, plus the scent is incredible.
  3. I switch to baths more in the fall to warm up and relax my muscles. I love Ren’s Moroccan rose bath oil and Cowshed Knackered Cow bath and massage oil.
  4. For hair, I love Rodin’s oil; the scent is rich and spicy, and it’s the perfect viscosity—not too heavy or greasy, just perfectly hydrating.
  5. To repair sun damage and dryness caused by lots of time in the heat, I love The Organic Pharmacy’s brightening complex. It feels and smells delicious and results don’t lie.

How do you define beauty?
I’ve never really tried! Beauty is that place in a Venn diagram where what we see and the immeasurable concept of what we feel overlap. It’s that magnetic moment when both the heart and the eyes feel an attraction to something or someone at the same time.

What’s your earliest makeup memory?
I have tons of pretty typical memories of watching my mom and grandmothers ‘putting on their faces’ when I was a kid—kissing the tissue, drawing the line along their lids, opening their mouths as they put on their mascara. My earliest personal makeup memory is all about the transformative power of mascara. As a redhead with bright strawberry blonde eyelashes, I always felt different from my friends whose eyes were more defined and somehow more powerful and beautiful than mine. I remember looking at myself in the mirror the first time my mom put mascara on me. It was truly one of those life-changing moments, and I felt like my whole face came to life. I relive that moment every morning when I curl and coat my lashes.

What are the mainstays of your beauty routine?
Manuka honey, unrefined coconut oil and aloe water. I eat and drink them (separately, of course), and I put them on my face/hair/body. They keep me healthy on the inside and my skin in great condition. Also on my list: a Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler,

Japanese Sencha green tea, a lip balm or tinted lip balm (I like Rodin’s and Ilia’s), delicious candles to set the mood in my home (or home away from home, i.e. hotel room). I’m loving Red Flower’s Moroccan roseKai’s nightlight candle, and Malin + Goetz’s dark rum candle. Also, a Mason Pearson pocket brush.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
“Not everyone has to like you.”

Take us on your beauty tour. Where must we go for the very best A) facial treatment? B) manicure? C) massage?
In NYC, my favorite place to detox, get pampered, and feel safe knowing that every product is totally ‘green’ and fantastic is Pratima Ayuervedic spa in Soho. I love a full afternoon of pampering (amassage, a facial and a reflexology session). As for a manicure, I have yet to find someone to do my nails as well as I do. I’m that woman in the nail salon politely pointing out each imperfection as the technician works, so I generally do my own. When I do go to a salon, I bring my own polish so I know it’s as ‘green’ as it can be. For fall, I’m loving Modern Love from Deborah Lippman.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys New York, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
A real mismatched ensemble of some of my current favorite pieces, and since I’m always cold, a few layers and a hat.


I love this Stella McCartney Long Sleeve Lace Sheath Gown.

*                   *                    *


Despite the obvious contradiction in wearing a Stella gown underneath a shearling jacket, in this fantasy, I’d be wearing this Rick Owens draped shearling jacket.

*                   *                    *


The shape and fabric of the Jennifer Ouellette Tina hat are the best!

*                   *                    *


This Irene Neuwirth black onyx Marquis pendant necklace is an amazing piece.

*                   *                    *


I would also pick some rings by Jennifer Meyer, like the diamond dpen pear-shaped ring.

*                   *                    *


And finally, this Finn gold ‘Souvenir’ ring  to remember the night by!

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Christy Turlington sure did rock this red lip I gave her!

March 8th, 2012 — 1:30pm


Earlier this week I went over to Christy’s place to do her makeup for the premier of the all-star cast film called ‘Friends With Kids’, featuring her husband, Ed Burns. The last few times I’ve done her makeup we’ve gone with bronze skin and nude lips. Not this time.

Christy’s involvement with all things supporting the advancement of the status of women around the world – particularly through her organization Every Mother Counts (EMC) – is really inspiring to me. We discussed her upcoming trip to India with EMC, the seriously amazing list of singers who’ll be lending their voices to EMC’s newest benefit CD, and when we were deciding which outfit she would be wearing to the premier (I love this navy dress by Stella McCartney that she chose), we started discussing my blog, and tweeting, and Christy (a twitter expert) asked if I’d heard of ‘Rock the Lips‘, a group of women who came together to help empower women all over the world to help each other through the offering of micro loans. I was excited to hear about their mission as well as their suggestion that on International Women’s Day (which is March 8th), all women ‘rock a red lip’ in solidarity. We decided to honor IWD – and this exciting program – a few days early.

I didn’t have my entire lipstick kit with me (you wouldn’t believe how heavy a bag of 50 or 60 lipsticks can be!), but I knew I had a number of my favorite reds. After Christy settled on the dress, I knew the lip that would look the best would have a crisp edge, be as intensely pigmented as possible, and have a slight emollience to it. A well-hydrated, lightly exfoliated lip is of utmost importance when it’s going to be painted a pretty red. I was not the least bit surprised to find Christy’s in perfect condition.  Applying the color in layers and with different textured products, really keeps the lip looking good longer (my grandmother taught me this). The order of the products I used is just as important as the products themselves.

Here we go:


Here’s a pic that Vogue.com ran from the after-party. (Ed is much cuter in person than in this picture. Christy, however, looks incredible.)

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