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Look Perfectly polished in nothin’ but the basics.

April 15th, 2014 — 6:02pm



Every season, fashion and beauty magazine editors and bloggers ask me “ What are the top 5-10 things every woman must have in her makeup bag?”

My answers vary slightly, depending on the age of their readership, but overall I’m known to favor keeping makeup rather simple and timeless.  To me it’s always been about enhancing ones’ features, which can be done with just a few simple products.

Please don’t mistake my short list of musts for a lack of support for those of you who want to experiment with wild eyeliner hues and bold, trendy lip color. I’m a big fan of that sort of thing, as well. But first I think it’s important to iron out the basics, and find what works best to enhance your favorite features, keeping your every day look as fresh-faced and minimally made up, as possible.  Once that’s established, playing with extras is a breeze.

In writing this post, I’m assuming you’ve gotten your skin care regimen down, and are starting with hydrated, nourished faces. This is not such an easy feat for so many of us, and if you’re having difficulty in this venue, the good news is, there are countless treatment options in the green beauty world for every skin type. It just takes some research and often a bit of trial and error.

So… what do I think no woman should live without (I really don’t feel that you couldn’t live without makeup – or things in general – but I think you know what I mean).

  1. A good eyelash curler. My favorite has been the one by Shu Umera because of the texture and shape of the pad, and overall shape and sturdiness of their handle and the part into which the pad fits.
  2. A creamy, neutral eyeliner. Depending on your hair and eye color, as well as your skin tone, and personal preference, this could be a pale taupe, a deep brown, a medium gray, or a deep, dark black.  Keep some cotton swabs on hand to smudge the line you draw, buffing it out ever so slightly.
  3. A mascara that gives the look you favor, whether that’s longer, thicker, darker, or all of the above. (I prefer all of the above)
  4. Tweezer. I can’t emphasize the benefit of a good tweezer enough. Shaping your brows and whisking away unwanted hairs from other regions of the face where they begin to show up – it’s  a necessity.  I’ve been a fan of  the Rubis for years, but it’s really all about finding one that feels right in your hand.
  5. Two cheek colors: one that makes you look warm and glowy, and one that mimics the color your cheeks turn when your heart rate has been pushed. I generally favor creamy cheek colors, but this is a personal preference thing.
  6. Two concealer shades: one with a bit more peachy/orange undertone to cut the purple inherent in under eye circles.  Then, one concealer that matches your skin tone and texture perfectly to cover spots as needed. I always like to finish a concealer/tinted moisturizer/ foundation application by pressing a slightly dampened beauty blender sponge into the skin to ensure that the texture of the product matches the texture of your skin. Don’t skip this step if can help it.
  7. 3 lip colors. Most women I know have many more than this, but honestly, if you have limited funds, a desire to keep your purse as light as possible, or become overwhelmed at the thought of keeping up with lip trends, three shades is perfect. I’d start with a sheer, tinted lip balm in a color that’s pretty similar to your lips, add a similar shade in a proper lipstick formulation that’s somewhere in the satin range – moist, not matte, yet not glossy, and finally, a color that you love, and that gets smiles from others when you wear it – could be a bright pink, an orangey red, or a deep berry.
  8. A sheer gloss. I lied – having a fourth lip product that feels good and has a bit of a moist look is always a good idea. This can be layered over any of the above, or worn alone when you’re feeling glossy.
  9. An eyebrow brush/pencil/powder/gel: When we’re young, our brows are usually at their fullest. You may want to brush them into a lovely shape in the morning and forget about them. As we age, however – even as early as in our early 30’s, our brows may start to look a bit less full, particularly towards the tails. Finding a brow pencil or powder that looks super natural is the way to go. Light strokes, mimicking the hair growth pattern is all you need, along with good lighting, to create a frame for your face. I’ve just recently found Eco Brows, a richly pigmented brow gel product in a pot, and really like it. I also love the fine point and ease of use of the brow pencils from MAC.

There you have it.

Here are some of my current favorite all natural products you can use to create this very pretty, basic look I did on my friend, the gorgeous model, Michele Alvez:

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For The LOVE of Green Beauty, Part 2, begins tomorrow!

February 17th, 2014 — 12:00am


Look at this amazing, glowing skin. I want my skin to look and feel like hers, all the time!

Regardless of whether the temps where you live have you showing off some skin, or covering every inch in fuzzy, wooly warmth, it’s always good practice to treat the skin on your body with the same TLC that you show to the skin on your face.

The next 6 days of giveaways, brought to you by Spirit Beauty Lounge. com  + The Beauty Of It Is. com, can help. It’s time to GET GLOWING!!

During each of the next six weekday mornings, you’ll  have up to 6 ways to enter to receive one of our favorite green body beautifiers: from oils to lotions, body washes, and wash cloths. The scents and textures are delicious and I’m so excited to share them with you.

Oh, and just so you know, this beautiful models’ skin was prepped with one (if not more) of the fantastic green beauty products that we will be giving away in the next six days.  This skin can be yours!!

The steps to enter each day are the same as they were last week – super simple, but just to clarify:

1. You don’t have to have a facebook page, a twitter account, or an instagram account to enter, HOWEVER, the more points you can rack up, the greater your chances of winning.

2.  Enter every day!

3.  Instagram isn’t listed on the giveaway entry set-up simply because I couldn’t figure out how to add it! However,  posting a cute picture that shows us why you want what’s being given away, and tagging my account (katey denno, NOT the beauty of it is) and spiritbeautylounge, will get you extra points, as well.


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She’s smart, beautiful, fun & funny, and she owns my go-to online store for the best in green beauty products.

December 29th, 2013 — 4:24pm


We can all benefit from having a mentor, and Spirit Demerson, the owner of the eponymous online green beauty boutique, SpiritBeautyLounge.com, has been that for me over the past few years. She always has her finger on the pulse of what’s about to explode onto the green beauty scene, and she possesses the most broad mental database of all things green beauty product-related.(sometimes the extent of her knowledge and memory freaks me out!)  Also of great importance: I genuinely love, and use, the products she stocks, and I think her customer service is top notch.

She’s the biggest game in town (and the country) as far as online green beauty shops go, and you can see from her website that she has a very high level of aesthetic integrity. What you can’t see from her site, however, is what I’ll be sharing with you below: the inside scoop on Spirit Demerson. We had a lot of fun during the little photo shoot in her home that you’ll see below, and then Spirit answered my questions that are geared to let you in on  what this trendsetter/tastemaker is thinking, wearing, eating, drinking, putting in her home, and doing in her spare time.  Plus, she shares how she got involved in this industry in the first place, and what she thinks makes Spirit Beauty Lounge the very best place to shop.


Katey: What about who you are and what you’ve done in life prepared you to create Spirit Beauty Lounge?

Spirit: I have a funny background in all of the things I do everyday; design, beauty, retail, business and technology…I follow my passion, which has led me all over the place. I would go to art school, then take business classes, manage a beauty supply store, then go away to Spain on a modeling contract, go to cosmetology school, then fashion school, then take programming and networking  classes…in no particular order. I’m a fiend for information. When it comes to things I’m interested in, I can be an obsessive researcher.  Since I have so many loves, I wasn’t sure what career path I could stick to – until something formed that called on many of my passions at once, especially green beauty and business.


Katey: What questions do your customers reach out to you to ask?

Spirit: I hear from a lot of women when they’ve reached the end of their rope – they either want to get off of the chemicals they’re dependent on (steroid creams, accutane, benzoyl peroxides…), but fear a catastrophic withdrawal, or they’ve been trying natural line after line, product after product, and aren’t getting any results. That’s where we come in!  Offering a holistic, comprehensive analysis of your whole beauty routine, and finding alternative green beauty upgrades and solutions is my specialty.

It’s also funny sometimes to hear the way we women describe ourselves.  We all, including myself, can really over-dramatize our conditions.  I’ve seen women with enviable beautiful skin, describe it as dull, aging, hyper-pigmented, sensitive, scarred, congested, enlarged pores, roseacea…I think partly because we now are so educated about beauty and have this dermatologists vocabulary to describe things, we “see” more issues than we ever did before.


Katey: What does a day in your life look like?    

Spirit: My office is a couple blocks from my home but I prefer to work from home as much as possible.  I’m more productive in complete quiet, with candles or incense, my two computers, and my iPhone (this is New York quiet) I start with a morning routine that probably includes some 20 odd products or so (I’m a junkie!) and have a cold-brewed coffee and green juice before starting on emails, reviewing inventory, meeting with vendors, and then meeting up the “The Girls” (the office staff) to go over customer or order issues of the day.  I’ll have 2 or 3 more green juices throughout the day, and try to get my sig. other to take me somewhere amazing for dinner, before curling up into bed with my cat, Fatty.



Katey: When do you feel your most beautiful?

Spirit: Superficially – that moment before I leave the house, all dolled up, head full of possibilities and ready to conquer!  Spiritually, when I’m hosting a guest in my home or a dinner party – the lighting, candles, music, food, decor, the conversation is stimulating, everyone is gently intoxicated….bringing souls together in calm, sparkling interaction…creating symbiotic, harmonic beauty – that’s magic.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.08.20 PM

Katey: What do you do when you’re feeling unattractive and down in the dumps?

Spirit: My blessing and curse is that I’m an obsessive researcher.  When I’m really low, you may catch me spending hours on dermatology and plastic surgery websites, planning out my Frankenstein transformation.  But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned there are two healthier, more productive ways to fight that: 1. Exercise and 2. Put on heels and a bold lipstick!


Katey: What do you indulge in that is so not what people think of as ‘green living’?

Spirit: My guiltiest sin is fashion! I generally eat, buy and consume all organic and non-toxic but I have a weakness for beautiful non-eco clothes and shoes. My best effort is to only buy what I love, and will wear for many years (reducing consumption of ‘disposable’ clothing), to only buy natural fibers (admittedly many are worse than synthetic environmentally), and to observe the 1 in 1 out (to my sister as handmedowns) rule so I keep the collection small. But still, I’m the first to admit that what I spend on wardrobe could be put to better use.  Usually I’m a ‘Miranda’ but in that way, I’m a Carrie Bradshaw.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.16.41 PM

Katey: What are you excited about that’s in the works for SBL? 

Spirit: Kjaer Weis’ new foundation and May Lindstrom’s new face balm are rocking my world right now. They both did something that really hasn’t been done.  With the new foundation, it’s none of the shiny, heaviness of an oil-based foundation, but with all of the velvety coverage of one.  It applies like a thin veil yet still has significant coverage.  When I use it, I almost scratch my head like ‘how did that happen?” The May Lindstrom balm is filled with all these amazing, precious, rare active ingredients that aren’t just anti-inflammatory and hydrating, but actually encourage the skins own natural UV resistance and stress resistance – which means its a godsend for the type of skin that tends to react to EVERYthing. 

We’re doing an exclusive launch soon of a line that has a crazy cult following they built entirely on their own, and sort of under the press’s radar.  Our “early adopter” clients have already been begging us to carry it for a year now so I’m expecting a lot of excitement!  Keep your eyes peeled!


Katey: What’s in your beauty bag right now? 

Spirit: My ‘5 Minute Face’ is RMS Beauty Un Cover Up, Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow & Blush, and W3LL People Lip Shine.  People always ask me what I’m wearing when I have it on, which is unusual for makeup.  I kind of love that.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.23.21 PM

Katey: Why green beauty? (interpret this however  you like)

Spirit: Because we’re worth it.  Truly, it’s deciding to treasure your health, wellness, longevity and radiance, and a way of telling ‘Big Beauty’ to back off.  They hide the truth.  They rape the planet.  We deserve better…no, we deserve The Best.  Keats wrote: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” 


Katey: 5 things that your fans don’t know about you.

Spirit: I love watching Nancy Grace, Lifetime Movies, and eating waffles & sausage in bed on Sunday.  

I still listen to and consider myself punk rock.  

I’ve had 7 piercings and two tattoos.  

Beauty is only my 4th or 5th passion/obsession, under art, design, food & beverage, fashion and technology. 

I’m incapable of doing my own hair or nails & have to have them done every week.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.15.43 PM

Katey: What about a brick and mortar store?

Spirit: I would absolutely love to go brick & mortar here in my favorite city [NYC]! It would take some help but I think that would be amazing.  The name Spirit Beauty Lounge was actually the name of the project I wrote the business plan for in the first place – which was a modern organic luxury spa boutique with a lounge vibe. That plan grew into something else so rapidly, there really wasn’t a chance to come up with a name.  It became a virtual beauty lounge.  I have made plans to still get the brick & mortar concept going, but the site’s growth keeps me really busy!

Thank you, Spirit, for sharing so much with us. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next. xoxo


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Happy Green Beauty Month Everyone! Don’t already know about these lip colors from ILIA? you’re in for a real treat.

March 31st, 2012 — 2:35am


My first introduction to ILIA lipsticks happened last year while poking around ABC’s apothecary section (I think that ABC, in NYC, is one of the most well edited, well curated stores, both in content and aesthetic.) In addition to a ton of beautiful things for the home, they carry the best of the best when it comes to non-toxic hair/face/body products. When you’re in NYC you have to check it out. It’s beautiful, you’ll want to own everything, and you’ll be bummed that so much is so expensive. That said, these well designed, sleek little silvery tubed lipsticks caught my eye, and were reasonably priced compared to other high-end lipstick lines. When I gave one a try on the back of my hand, I was surprised to find how well pigmented the color was, and how smoothly it went on. The only down side was that there were only 6 or 7 different shades available.

I came home and wrote to the ‘info’ email address from the ILIA website and asked some questions. Almost immediately I got really thorough answers back from owner and creator, Sasha Plavsic (who hails from Canada, but now calls LA home). She explained to me that she’s learned  a cosmetic can still be completely non-toxic, even though it contains a very small percentage of synthetic color.  Synthetic doesn’t mean bad for us, just as all-natural isn’t always good for us.  Without allowing for that teeny percentage of synthetic pigment, she explained, there’s no way to achieve the rich intensity of the colors we love in favorite lipsticks from MAC, NARS, and Tom Ford, to name a few. So the base into which she mixes the color is all-natural, organic, super nourishing, healthy for the lips and perfectly healthy for the rest of you – which is important since we all eat and absorb our lipsticks into our bodies every day.

Sasha worked diligently to create a product that would meet the Environmental Working Group’s strict guidelines (if you aren’t familiar with the EWG, please check them out.) They are highly informative and influential as an online encyclopedia for ingredients found in cosmetics and rates their levels of toxicity. I will absolutely write about them in their own post this month, and found a way to offer all the intensity of bold colors like orange, pink, and red, that have been missing thus far from all-natural lines. Then Sasha put them in great-looking containers. I’m a sucker for packaging, and this woman knows what she’s doing, with her strong background in design and marketing within the branding world.

The best news ever is that ILIA just launched a new collection, complete with 14 lip colors – 6 are highly pigmented, and the other 8 are still well pigmented tinted lip conditioners.  I’ve been wearing ‘Nobody’s Baby’  and ‘In My Room’ the past few days, which look like my lips, but better. I also love the hot pink lipstick shade ‘Neon Angel’. In addition Sasha’s also come out with some cheek tints and highlighter creams in a tube that look wonderful. (highlighter creams are for cheekbones, eyelids, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, etc.)  I’ll give them a try over the next few weeks and report back.

Finally, I really love her no-color lip balm. It’s one of my new favorites for sure.

My only request: ILIA, can you work on coming out with a a bright orange-red for your next edition?  I’d proudly wear it every day.

*note about the photo above: this is how much of a beauty product nerd I am – I got the products from ILIA on Friday around 6 and I decided to call off my plans that night so I could stay home and play with them, and play with taking pictures of them for the blog. Don’t they photograph beautifully?  Thanks, ILIA!!!

ILIA is sold at a good number of locations across the country and around the world (GO ILIA, GO!), see here for specifics as well as online at www.spiritbeautylounge.com


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